Frontend Developer
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Frontend Developer

  • Location Groenlo
  • Business unit Healthcare

As a healthcare professional, you want to contribute to the well-being of your clients. When it comes to the optimal care of wounds, good cooperation between nurses, general practitioners and specialists is a must. Together, you work towards healing as quickly as possible. However, monitoring how wounds develop or heal is a complex process and so is the wound treatment process. 

Ons® Wondzorg supports the wound treatment process. With our application, the wound and the treatment are easily recorded (and directly in the file). This enables the healthcare professional to follow the development of the wound closely and therefore direct the wound care process. 

For team Wondzorg, we are looking for a JavaScript/React developer who wants to help us expand our existing system with a new module. Ons® Wondzorg has been tested by our users as a mobile app and we want to expand this to a web application with advanced web-only features in the future.


Within your role, you will be responsible for the architectural choices within a project and you will think along with the overall architecture so that most components can be reused. In addition, it is very valuable to get to know and understand our users and you will therefore occasionally work with them on location. With this experiences, you will be able to, often together with the UX team, translate a complex issue into a solution that is as simple as possible, set up a project for this and implement it.

"I like the idea of making something that can directly have a positive impact on thousands of healthcare providers" (Michiel Klitsie, Tribe Lead Dossier)

Your team

In this role, you will be part of both the Wondzorg team and the Dossier team, working together with Backend Developers, UX specialists and Designers to create intuitive solutions for healthcare professionals and physicians. Because you will be moving between two teams, this will also require you to be independent at times, whereby you are not afraid to take decisions yourself and to be able to explain these to your colleagues.

You will work partly from our innovative and open office in Groenlo. However, you will ultimately decide how you want to work. From home, at the office, a co-working space, you name it! We don't expect you to work at specific or structural times, but we do expect you to deliver quality. That way, when you go home, you can rest and enjoy your life. In other words, manage your own capacity.

''I love how freedom, responsibility and autonomy go together at Nedap" (Michiel Klitsie, Tribe Lead Dossier)

Our offer

Obviously, we offer excellent primary and secondary conditions. You are responsible for your own working hours and holidays. Nobody keeps track, as we rely on your own accountability. Moreover, we offer you the means to fulfil your own responsibilities. We also have a good financial arrangement. Nedap does not only offer you a salary and holiday allowance, but also an annual bonus, dividends, and the option of shares. Moreover, we have a very interesting pension arrangement. But most of all, we invest in your development! Nedap takes your development very seriously. We offer an extensive introduction programme and a personal development journey, and we will gladly look at your potential with you.

Required experience and skills

We are looking for a new colleague with already some experience as a Frontend Developer. 

  • You have experience with (some of) the techniques and frameworks we use: React, Redux, JavaScript, React Testing Library, Webpack, Web components, Node, single-page applications, HTML, CSS/SASS;
  • You can work in a structured manner and you have experience with dividing an application into reusable components
  • You have affinity with design and interactions (but you are not a designer or UX'er)
  • You can make an implementation plan based on wishes or designs, ask for details where necessary, and oversee and execute the implementation.

Do you also have experience in back-end development? Then there is also a great challenge to think and work with us on the development direction of Ons® Dossier. Since you will be part of both the Wondzorg team and the Dossier team, there is room (if this is what you are interested in, of course) to take on back-end-related projects. These might range from working out an architecture to testing the solution with our users.

Nedap, Healthcare

About Nedap Healthcare

We help care givers and nurses to save time on administrative tasks. With our technology, they are able to spend less time on registering, planning, reporting, and drawing up care plans, allowing them to devote more time to their patients. The family can also be informed immediately about the patient’s wellbeing at the touch of a button.

Application procedure

Interested? Send your motivational letter and CV via the application button. An assessment is part of the selection procedure. As part of the application procedure we may ask for a Certificate of Good Behaviour.

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