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  • Location Groenlo
  • Business unit Healthcare

Together with over 20 other organisations, Nedap Healthcare is committed to the Nuts initiative. As one of the main contributors to this open source community, we’re trying to create a (inter)national healthcare infrastructure based on fair principles (nuts.nl). This infrastructure facilitates healthcare data exchange across organisation boundaries so care professionals can make better decisions and provide better care. 

We’re looking for an experienced Go developer to join our team until the end of this year. This is an assignment for a limited time, since it’s subsidized by a national program. The Nuts initiative is trying to solve challenges where ‘old’ technology just doesn’t suffice. Since you’ll be working on open source software, you are the type of person that likes to show its work to the world. You’ll be working with decentralized identity frameworks, blockchain solutions, peer-2-peer technology and various cryptographic schemes. We’re not just trying to build software for a healthcare infrastructure, we’re trying to build an infrastructure that is fair, future proof and scalable. Do you want to work on next-gen technology and do something good for the world at the same time?

Your team

You'll be joining an open-source community. The majority of the interaction will be with the "core-team". This is a team of severalenthusiastic and highly skilled people, each with his/her own interests. Every member is treated equally and a well-motivated opinion is highly appreciated. Apart from the development duties, you'll also have the possibility to give presentations to convince people of the open-source project.Most of the interaction will be online through Slack and Zoom. Most core-members live in the eastern part of the Netherlands and therefore have the ability to meet face-to-face.

Our offer

A challenging role with a dynamic and international company. A job with a lot of responsibility, but also the freedom to organize it in such a way that you can really make a difference! 

Required experience and skills

Since it’s an assignment for limited time, you’ll need to hit the ground running. This means you have a lot of experience with the GO programming language and you’re able to build systems from the ground up. Experience with the technology mentioned in the previous paragraph is a plus. Apart from your technical skills, it’s important to have a strong personality. Your team consists of people with very strong opinions about everything. You’ll have to be able to stand your ground in discussions. You question the status-quo and know the difference of when it’s time to fight and when it’s time to get things done.

Nedap, Healthcare

About Nedap Healthcare

We help care givers and nurses to save time on administrative tasks. With our technology, they are able to spend less time on registering, planning, reporting, and drawing up care plans, allowing them to devote more time to their patients. The family can also be informed immediately about the patient’s wellbeing at the touch of a button.

Application procedure

Interested? Send your motivational letter and CV via the application button for the attention of Jurandy Westerhout. For more information you can send him an email (jurandy.westerhout@nedap.com). An assessment is part of the selection procedure. As part of the application procedure we may ask for a Certificate of Good Behaviour.

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