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Project lead / Domain specialist

  • Location Groenlo
  • Business unit Healthcare

As a Project Lead / Domain Specialist, you will play a leading role in a growing organization where project management and domain knowledge converge. You will manage projects by defining scopes, setting priorities, creating schedules, and involving stakeholders. You will be involved in various sectors within healthcare and communicate effectively with healthcare professionals and external parties. Therefore, you will combine project management skills with in-depth domain knowledge and a commitment to the vision of the #healthfile.

Your role as a Project Lead / Domain Specialist will be a true driving force. In a growing organization, there is a demand for individuals who can ensure long-term commitment to project management on a project basis. This means that within projects, you will take on a chairperson role, clearly define scope, set priorities, create and deliver schedules, engage with various stakeholders, bring teams and disciplines together, assume responsibilities, and diplomatically enforce deadlines and milestones in consultation with project teams, while also maintaining a sharp focus on time-to-market.

We are explicitly not looking for someone who only focuses on the project management aspect but also wants to immerse themselves in the domain. In your interactions with external stakeholders (such as healthcare providers and managers within healthcare organizations, as well as industry associations and government agencies), you will become a domain specialist in a short time. This involves embracing the jargon and gaining in-depth substantive knowledge. Being able to communicate easily with healthcare providers is also a plus and is highly relevant when physically gathering input and feedback from various healthcare experts. Additionally, you will gain knowledge in various healthcare sectors, such as nursing home care, home care, disability care, mental healthcare, forensic care, youth care, and household support.

Currently, there are several larger project lines underway, where you can immediately get involved and contribute to topics such as "Coercion in Healthcare" (simplifying the module related to providing involuntary and mandatory care in various sectors) and "Our Plan" (a multidisciplinary plan in openEHR, where all expertise areas are integrated, and focus can be applied as the basis of the care process). These projects will contribute to the vision of the #healthfile

Your team

The Dossier Tribe consists of various multidisciplinary teams that work closely together, such as team dossier, team medication, team wound care and team openEHR. Within these teams, everyone has their own discipline, think front-end, back-end, interaction design, customer contact and everything in between. Our open way of working ensures that everyone feels free to give feedback on the work process. 

Within the Dossier Tribe, our goal is to support healthcare providers with the core process: delivering good care by supporting the capture, management and updating of all relevant healthcare information. We want to support integrated multidisciplinary collaboration by connecting the different healthcare providers while providing a focus relevant to the individual end-user. We believe that by giving each client their own health record, putting them at the centre and organising care around them, a more personal connection can be created, more fun at work and the best possible care can be provided.

Our offer

You will be working in an energetic work environment that inspires, with access to all the resources you need to perform your work optimally. You will have the flexibility to arrange your own workdays, and in addition, we offer excellent primary and secondary employment conditions.

  • You will receive a thirteenth-month payment, participate in profit-sharing, which you can also use to obtain certificates of Nedap shares, and we provide an attractive pension scheme.
  • You determine the work-life balance that suits you. We do not track working hours, days off, or vacation days. We trust you to take your own responsibility in this regard.
  • Our people are the foundation of our success. That's why we are happy to invest in your development. We don't have a fixed development budget. In addition to participating in our comprehensive onboarding program, you will embark on a personal development journey, in which we explore your potential together and how we can further unfold it.

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Required experience and skills

  • Project Lead Responsibilities
    • Experience in project management or a similar role in an agile environment
    • Define project goals / establish a clear scope
    • Set priorities and determine milestones
    • Create and communicate schedules
    • Ensure project progress
  • Stakeholder Responsibilities
    • Experience in maintaining contact with various stakeholders
    • Gather input from healthcare organizations and healthcare providers
    • Inform internal stakeholders (product owners, tribe leads, and the rest of your colleagues)
    • Coordinate with other external stakeholders (government/testing phases/...)
  • Team Lead Responsibilities
    • Bring teams and disciplines together / facilitate collaboration
    • Ensure team members take responsibilities
    • Create internal consensus
  • Domain Specialist Responsibilities
    • Acquire knowledge about the domain and project topic
    • Convey the vision of Nedap Healthcare and the respective project
  • Skills 
    • Proficient in Dutch for client visits
    • Proficient in English for communication within internal teams
    • Strong interpersonal skills
    • Assertive in client contact and willing to travel
    • Punctual in maintaining calendars and timelines
    • Sense of responsibility to meet deadlines

Nedap, Healthcare

About Nedap Healthcare

We help care givers and nurses to save time on administrative tasks. With our technology, they are able to spend less time on registering, planning, reporting, and drawing up care plans, allowing them to devote more time to their patients. The family can also be informed immediately about the patient’s wellbeing at the touch of a button.

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