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It is our passion to create high-quality, innovative technology that helps people to be happier and more successful in their professional lives:
Technology for Life.

Our business strategy is to provide real time direct sales and technical expertise to support our RFID and cloud based SaaS solutions and collaborative efforts with our North American partners throughout the industries we support.

Nedap Inc. is a subsidiary of Nedap N.V., a high-tech company founded in the Netherlands in 1929.

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Markets where we’re making a difference.


Full control, no waste and no losses: that’s our vision for every retailer. We make it simple for retailers to always have the right products available, at the right place and at the right time. With our state-of-the-art inventory management and loss prevention solutions, retailers can create perfect inventory visibility and seamless shopping experiences.

Livestock Management

We create solutions to enable livestock farmers to be the best at what they do: care for their land and animals, sustainably. We are a global leader at innovating technology for farming automation based on individual animal identification. Nedap has always been at the forefront of cow monitoring and management, always inventing to make a better life for the cow and the farmer. We also provide solutions for the entire production cycle at the most progressive pig farms in the world.

Light Controls

With over 75,000 Connected Light Points deployed in North America, Luxon’s proven controls strategies and solutions deliver the right light, at the right time and in the right place.  We are pioneers in wireless connected lighting.  DLC approved, Nedap provides the most efficient and the easiest-to-operate light management system in the industry. Our intelligent solutions are key components in the growing global effort to reduce energy consumption.

Identification Systems

Combining cutting edge technology with decades of experience, Nedap is the leading specialist in wireless vehicle identification, detection and access control.  We focus on identifying people and their vehicles, parking and traffic management systems, globally.

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Please inquire into any of our local supported business units where we can bring our Technology for Life as relevant and sustainable propositions to your application.

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Wouter Ubbels

Vice President Sales, Retail


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Director of Sales, Retail - iD Cloud


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Human Resource Manager


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