Innovative since 1929

Accessibility in our ever-growing cities. Qualitative care on shrinking budgets. Increasingly stringent safety standards across the globe. These are just a few of the many topics that we at Nedap are working on every day. We believe that technology can make an important contribution to solving major issues.

A brief history of Nedap


N.V. Nederlandsche Apparatenfabriek “Nedap” is established

In 1929 Nedap is established. Located in the former medical Dutch Cocaine Factory in Amsterdam. Nedap manufactures a wide variety of products at the request of various parties.


Developing, producing and marketing Nedap branded products

From the forties, Nedap starts developing, producing and selling its own devices for various applications under the Nedap brand.


Opening of a brand new factory in Groenlo

This proves to be a great success. In 1947 Nedap moves to Groenlo – also in The Netherlands – and opens a brand new factory.



At the same time Nedap gets exchange-listed on NYSE Euronext Amsterdam.


Specialization in electronics

The next decades, Nedap quickly becomes one of the global specialists in the development of electronics. A shift is made from electromechanics to electronics.


Pioneering in RFID technology

Nedap starts developing RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology as one of the global pioneers in the early 70’s.


Our first electronics department

Nedap founded its first Electronics Departments to stay on top of technological advancements that were made during the time.


The start of business units

No more management layers, but more freedom of decision and responsibility for its employees.


From hardware to software

Nedap made the switch from a hardware- to a software-oriented technology company. There was even a special art object made with this theme and even the annual report had a fluffy cover.


The first application of High Frequency RFID technology

Library Solutions becomes Nedap’s first business unit that uses innovative HF RFID technology in practical applications.


Power to the people

The ‘Stichting Medewerkerparticipatie Nedap’ foundation is established. From now on Nedappers can own a piece of the company.


90 year anniversary

Nedap is one of the 10 oldest listed companies in the Netherlands.

About us

What makes us special is the diversity of the people and the culture we form together. Meet Nedap.


Innovation and scaling-up are central to our strategy. We are active in markets in which we can make a difference.

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