Lennart Buit @ Nedap Staffing Solutions

Hello. I’m Lennart. I’m a Full-Stack Software Developer and have worked at Nedap since 2018.


What does no one know about you?

A lot of people mistake me for a typical programmer – and they’re not far wrong! But what many don’t realise is that I put far more value on the delivery of features rather than technical perfection. And I’m not sure if I’ll regret saying this, but one thing you can wake me up for at 4am is the API. By designing the API properly, we can – without programming – get a much clearer picture of how a feature is going to work from front to back.


Role within Nedap?

I’m responsible for the front and back end of Source, our newest application. It’s a modern single-page app with JavaScript on the front end, Clojure on the back end, and a GraphQL API in between.


What’s your code?

I’m a hardcore programmer and, like any full-stack developer, have my preferences: I feel most at home in JavaScript and Clojure – and less so in CSS and DevOps.


What attracted you to Nedap?

After graduating, I was looking for a company where I could write socially relevant software. That’s Nedap in a nutshell. All our products are created to make people’s lives better. In my case, that’s consultants, recruiters and flex workers. I was also attracted by the culture within Nedap. Everyone can be right – and everyone’s thoughts and ideas are taken seriously. Because it really is a group effort. And as a team player, I see how we can achieve more if we work together.


Nedap ambitions?

That’s a tricky question! There are two paths you can follow within Nedap – product ownership or a technical specialist. If you had asked me this when I first started two-and-a-half years ago, I would have said a technical specialist. However, I’ve since discovered that I really value helping our customers! I guess, in five years’ time, I’d like to mix it up: share my technical expertise, accommodate the needs of customers, and build new features.